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Shahid Raza, who cracked UPSC also an eyewitness of Najeeb’s case

New Delhi: Shahid Raza, who belongs to a middle-class family had cracked the UPSC exam with a national rank of 751.

He is the fifth son off 7 to his parents. His father was an auto electrician and mother is house wife. He had attempted UPSC twice but unfortunately did not clear it. Later after a gap of two years, he again thought to write the UPSC and he got a national rank of 751.

He was a friend of Najeeb, who was missing from JNU since 2016. Shahid is also the eyewitness of Najeeb’s case.

In one of the reports of New18, Najeeb’s brother told that Shahid supported them since the beginning of his brother’s missing.

“He was only the person who spoke to the media about how the ABVP goons had attacked Najeeb in the hostel and assaulted him,” he added.

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When Shahid was asked about the Najeeb’s case, he said: “I was a witness, is a witness and will be a witness of Najeeb’s case.”

“I have already recorded my statement in CBI for two-three times,” added Shahid.

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