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Shun violence to strengthen tolerance and harmony

While not all human/social maladies result in violence of extreme nature leading to insurgency and terrorism, human being initially abhor violence and does not want to indulge in it. However, being an innate natural instinct, it exists either in ‘physical’ or ‘subtle’ forms. However, resentment due to real or perceived alienation/victimization, if not mitigate erode the faith of the individual in the system and some tend to react intently. Since it is a mental state of affairs, the subtle violence is more deep rooted than the physical one which may be corrected or mitigated through counseling and effective positive narratives.

We are all prone to all sorts of violence at some point or other, though at times unintentional invisible violence is more destructive than physical violence. Injuring somebody’s psyche is more damaging than injury. Not all wounds are visible. The one at the receiving end, may not be able to resist the onslaught due to various reasons – age, financial status, submissive nature, fear of being abandoned or losing livelihood, and respect for relations. The list is endless. However, their placidity does not mean that they are immune to pain caused by such violence. Interestingly, muted violence is usually never inflicted by outsiders, but more often by the people known to you.

To maintain dignity of all beings, we must renounce all forms of violence by cultivating respect for all. Instead of dominating the helpless or repressing the weak, let us be compassionate, empathetic and supportive. Let us be like nature, which does not discriminate and nurtures all life – forms without bias. All living beings have an equal right to thrive in the world. We must stay committed to righteous conduct. Let us recognize subtle as well as physical violence and renounce these. By restoring to tolerance, harmony and compassion, the world will be an ‘Eden’ where everybody will live with utmost pleasure with blessings of ‘Almighty’.

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