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Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (17 October 1817- 27 March 1898) : A day of introspection and a journey of conviction 

By Bushra Salahuddin

A Burning Zeal of Vision with a Mission!
A Light to a Plethora of Knowledge!
A Beacon in the Darkness of Ignorance!

Sir Syed Ahmad Taqvi bin Syed Mohammad Muttaqi, commonly known as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan- Jawad-ud-Daulah; Arif-Jung, the Knight Commander of the Star of India (KCSI) ; and a man of character with a deep insight into the social dynamics- A man of vision, of courage and valor, a scientist and a revivalist.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan strongly believed that the foundation of Formidable Nation Building is a Conglomerate of Cultural diversity. Taking up this idea, he envisioned India as a VIBGYOR Nation of 7 hues- The Hindus, The Muslims, The Sikhs, The Christians, The Buddhists, The Jains and the Parsis- together, the Electromagnetic spectrum of our Great Nation!

Even in the postmodern times, we cherish the man behind this magnanimous wilderness of passion and modernity, behind this surfeit of talent and merit, who enlightened his people from the glooms. We cherish him as a voyage of struggles to the light of knowledge, into this abode of learning and education, the culture of this place in all it’s sheen and glory.

The ‘Alig Biradari’ has miles to go into learning and not only that, rather to invent modern knowledge. As the historical legacy of towering traditions still prevails in the nazm, “Nazar-e- Aligarh” by a former illustrious student of the Aligarh Muslim University, Asrar-ul Haq Majaz- “Jo abr yahan se uthega, wo saare jahan par barsega”, emphasizes the logic and melody of the verses with the true spirit, essence and glory of A.M.U. and it’s contribution into a Formidable Nation as a Conglomerate of Cultural diversity.

As today, the Aligarh Muslim University observed the death anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the emphasis to mark the occasion was not only to hold the spirit and essence of Sir Syed’s contribution but also to recount and retrospect on his ideas of the mission accomplished by vision.

The following couplet states the true essence of his vision and wisdom-
Na Hamsafar, Na kisi Hamnashi’n se Niklega/ Hamare Pao’n ka kaan’ta, Ham-hi se Niklega!

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