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Siraj-ud-Doulah: Nawab of Bengal, the first ruler challenged the East India Company

Siraj-ud-Doulah ( 1733 to July 2, 1757) Nawab of Bengal, who foresaw East India Company’s evil designs to annex the country in the garb of trade and took bold/first initiative to thwart Company’s efforts. Taking the reigns of power at an young age of 23, resisted exploitation of the people by the company and took bold steps against the atrocities. He was committed to neutralize the Company’s power in Bengal but was betrayed by his kith & kin including his aunt, nephew, Amirchand and Mir Zafar ( known in Indian history as conspirators and traitors) who sided with British to do so. Siraj, to thwart the clique against conspirators and to take on Company’s forces, reached the Battlefield of Plassey with 15,000 troops on 23rd June, 1757. Alas, the East India Company with the strength of 3200 troops (only 950 English) defeated the Nawab of Bengal due to treachery and dirty tricks on the part of Company and its stooges. The Battle of Plassey was marked as a watershed in Indian history, further strangulating India for another hundred years to come. Finally, Siraj was arrested and beheaded by British, however, would always be remembered in the Indian History as the first warrior who had sensed the danger from the British and fought against them heroically.

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