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Solapur : Renowned cardiologist Dr. Amjad Basheer Sayed dedicates his newly built hospital to Covid patients

By Imran Inamdar

Solapur (Maharashtra) : The second wave of Covid-19 is badly hitting the entire country and  over two lakhs people are being  tested positive for Covid every day.

Maharashtra state is considered as the worst hit state from this pendamic  in which about 60k being tested positive for Covid  every day,with 607933 active cases this virus has already claimed  60824 lives.

The virus is spreading across the state.Mortality rate is increasing by each passing day ,non availability of beds in the hospitals, shortages of oxigen, ICU, ambulance and medicine has become a comon phenomenon.

Solapur district  has 13,876 active cases till  date and 2,077 people have succumbed to the deadly virus so far.

In such pathetic condition Dr.Amjad Basheer Sayed  a young cardiologist from Solapur district  has come forward with his newly constructed hospital (Noble Heart care and research centre) with the facility of 35 beds to curb the  panicking circumstances by treating the patients who are otherwise supposed to be treated in overcrowded hospitals.

Currently over 20 doctors and paramedics are treating patients are being treated under Dr. Amjad’s supervision.

Speaking to Muslim Mirror Dr.Amjad Sayed said that “we all know very well how Covid patients are increasing and need of the hospitals is arising , how patients are suffering and crying for treatment ,how relatives of the patients are struggling to get beds in the hospital for Covid care.

Considering the problems of Covid victims  I decided to  start Covid care center in my hospital. I immediately applied for the same to local authorities and got the permission.Now with the grace of Almighty  25 patients are being treated in my hospital, ” said Dr. Amjad.

An Urdu medium student  Dr. Amjad Sayed, is a well-known  cardiologist of the District .He is associated with five big hospitals and serving Covid patients since past 14 month tirelessly.

“This humanitarian gesture of Dr. Ajmal cannot be expressed in one sentence. it’s a huge contribution towards the humanity ” said Darshana Gaikwad, a social activist.

She further said that coming forward with the newly constructed hospital which was  not even inaugurated formally is laudable. I feel proud that doctor like Amjad sir lives in my city who has pain for their countrymen and ready to save lives round the clock.

“This contribution of Dr. Amjad will always be remembered, I  extended best wishes to him and his team ” added Darshana.

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