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SP leader attacks BJP, alleges divisive issues like UCC being raised ahead of 2024 LS polls

Sambhal: Targeting the BJP, Lok Sabha member and Samajwadi Party leader Shafiqur Rahman Barq on Sunday alleged that they are raising divisive issues such as the Uniform Civil Code to benefit in the 2024 general elections.

The MP from Sambhal, without naming the BJP, also said this time, they will hardly win 50 seats as the Opposition will fight unitedly.

“They (BJP) term a mosque a temple and raise issues such as the Uniform Civil Code that is of hatred and does not unite hearts… Since the 2024 elections are there, they are doing it so that all Hindus associate themselves with it in the name of Hindu-Muslim hatred,” Barq said.

The 92-year-old told reporters that all Hindus are not bad. “The one in the Congress and undertaking the Bharat Jodo Yatra (apparently referring to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi). Is Sharad Pawar not a Hindu? Is Akhilesh Yadav not a Hindu?” he said.

They (the BJP) want Hindus who are associated with other parties to also join them in the 2024 polls, Barq said.

Asked about temple-mosque dispute cases, the Samajwadi Party MP said, “They see a temple in every mosque. Muslims are not so weak that they will allow their mosques to be made into temples.”

He was apparently referring to the Gyanvapi mosque-Shringar Gauri case of Varanasi and the Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi-Shahi Masjid case of Mathura.

“It is our mosque and the responsibility to guard (it) is that of our community. It has to be protected as it is dearer to us than our lives. We have to answer to allah after our death, if there is any injustice to it (mosque),” the MP said.

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