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Spiritual Education

When a person looks for information on conception and pregnancy, he/she will find lot of material about the time to start taking folic acid, what to eat and what not to eat before and after the delivery, and so on. All these details are concerned with the physical aspect of the foetus but not with the spiritual, intellectual and emotional development of the child. On a religious level the role of the mother during pregnancy has a fundamental impact to build the future personality of children.

One of the most important thing that will have effect on the life of an individuals are the sentiments and the emotions of the mother during pregnancy. Feelings as wrath, fear, depression and anxiety produce a change in the body that will influence the foetus during its growing. Especially if the mother is subject to these emotional states for long time, the danger of a negative impact on the psyche and the soul of the child would be more.

It has been proven also that the foetus can hear the voice of the mother as he can hear many sounds coming from the external world. It seems however that the foetus prefers the human voice, especially the voice of the mother. Some Muslim mothers recite the Qur’an very often and try to always be in a positive state of mind so that the foetus may be positively influenced from the first day. Although it is not necessarily the case the prayer of the parents are not to be underestimated in any circumstance, even before the actual birth of the child.

On a spiritual level, the mother should lay down the foundation for her child to be a good Muslim and this can happen since the first development of the foetus. Several narrations from the holy imams say that the pregnant mothers should always stay in state of ritual purity, or at least as much as they can; this is because God prefer those who purified themselves and it is said also that angels are in this way much closer.

Furthermore, the mother should stay away from sins as much as possible as sins would have a negative impact on the foetus and its personality. According to scientific reports, the brain is already present during the eighth week of pregnancy. At this stage many women may not consider this fact but it is an issue worth to think about since early stages because the brain is a fundamental part of the child that will support him for the rest of his life. This same brain may have a role in choosing or rejecting God’s path as soon as physical and religious maturity has been reached. It would not be wise to harm the brain during its early development inside the womb.

As Muslims, we must learn all valuable information in order to transmit our children the genuine message of Islam. The holy Qur’an and the noble invocations are very important in this regards as the womb is the first school of an individual from which he may apprehend many valuable things useful not just for this world but also and foremost for the next one which is his final destination.

Then, after the pregnancy the support of both parents will be very influential for the future development of the child and the shaping of his personality. We cannot ignore the sound growth that should happen under the care of both parents as it is from them that  love, compassion and humanity can be instilled in the best way to the child from his very early start.

In most cases, if not all, the growth of a child is also influenced by the environment and the education provided by the parents. A famous narration confirm this by saying: “All children are born in a natural state, then his parents make him a Jew, a Christian or a Zoroastrian”.

The parents who speak to the child with sincere words full of love and compassion will definitely have a different impact on him than those who speak with them with insincerity and whose heart have been evidently contaminated by sins, immorally and disobedience to the Creator.

A child may benefit from his father who spend his incomings for him: here the focus should not be the financial or material benefit but the very kindness, compassion and the purity of intention that will help the child in acquiring beautiful traits. Certainly, the support received from someone who act with dishonesty or who spend most of his time in illegal activities won’t be of a quality one and more immorality will most probably stem from it.

Much of what can happen to our children in their life is usually the result of part of our responsibilities. To live for the upliftment of the family is not a wasted life. Unfortunately some tendencies in modern societies tend to look down to the foundation of the family and to the household in general without considering that their safeguarding and well-being will greatly help the new generations by creating harmony and stability amongst all parts of society. Especially if the focus is a godly lifestyle, the child will receive a special type of confidence that will help him to face any type of difficulties and finally achieve perpetual peace that eventually would be distributed wherever he goes. Such attitude will also improve the conduct of the parents themselves that will not focus only on their dos and don’ts but also on the mercy that from God would flow from them directly to their children.



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