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Stop using Muslims’ petrol, look for gaumutra fuel: Ex-IPS to Sanghis

New Delhi: Sanjiv Bhatt, an Ex-IPS officer from Gujarat, who is quite vocal and wears his opinions on his sleeves, attacked Bhakts and Sanghis after a man, who claims to be affiliated with Vishwa Hindu Parishad, cancelled his Ola ride as the driver was Muslim; saying they should stop using petrol as well.

“Sanghi Nationalists and Modi Bhakts who have a problem with Muslim Ola Drivers should stop using all petroleum products as most of these products can be traced back to one Muslim country or the other. They should wait for Baba Ramdev to develop an alternative fuel from Gaumutra,” the Ex-IPS officer tweeted.

Abhishek Mishra on April 20, had announced that he cancelled the cab because he did not want to give money to “Jihadi People”. He also posted a screenshot of the cancellation, which showed the driver’s name as Masood Alam. Meanwhile, Ola Cabs on Sunday said that they do not discriminate people on religious lines.

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“Ola, like our country, is a secular platform, and we don’t discriminate our driver partners or customers basis their caste, religion, gender or creed. We urge all our customers and driver partners to treat each other with respect at all times,” Ola said in a statement.

Mishra, whose verified Twitter account says Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Ideology First, Hindutva Thinker, Digital & Social Media Advisor (Views Personal) happens to be followed by over 14,000 people on Twitter, also has defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman, petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan and minister of culture Mahesh Sharma among his followers.

This tweet started a firestorm where many people demanded the Ola to block his account.

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