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Suicidal attack is un-Islamic

In clear contrast of the indoctrinated notion of death through suicide bombing as an assured path towards the ‘heaven’ among some gullible Muslim youth, ‘suicide attack is an odious crime against humanity, forbidden in Islam’. These youths are being used as ‘scapegoat’ by terrorist organizations like IS, Al-Queda, Lashker-e-Taiba, Jash-e-Muhammad etc. for achieving their vested interest. Youths have a misconception that perpetrators of such acts are ‘Martyrs’ in ‘Shahadat’, who have laid their lives for the cause of religious resurrection as per Allah’s wish and the Prophet’s commandments.

In fact, suicidal acts contravene teachings of the Prophet as well as holy Quran and Ahadith rather gory killing of innocents. Quran terms these acts as ‘Haram’: ‘Khud Ko Halakat Mein Mat Dalo’ (4:29) & ‘Anyone who committed such an act would entail fire of the hell’ (4:30). Jihad is, indeed, vanquishing over inner evils or a few times a struggle to protect innocents of cruelty from evil powers. The Prophet pronounces:

‘Executors of suicidal attacks would go and remain in hell forever besides being punished similarly as per his acts’.

Ahadith also term participation in ‘Janaza’ of a person died of his suicidal act, as well as paying obeisance has been forbidden for true followers of Islam.

In the backdrop of recent ‘Pulwama attack’ where the suicide bomber has boasted of ‘Jannat’ in lieu of this dastardly act, it is the responsibility of Muslim community/religious leadership to allay the false notions promoting violence and spread the true values of Islam, simultaneously exposing the vicious elements misleading the youths, besides bringing a bad name to the religion.

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