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Sukesh wishes to donate gold crown for Ram Lalla’s idol at Ayodhya temple

New Delhi: Alleged conman Sukash Chandrashekhar has penned a two-page letter to the head of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, outlining his intention to donate a crown for the Ram Lalla’s idol at Ayodhya temple.

Addressed to the trust’s head, the letter says that he plans to donate the crown on a personal basis.

As per the letter, the crown is a creation made of solid 916.24 carat gold, weighing approximately 11 kilograms.

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It is adorned with 101 diamonds of VVS1 clarity, each weighing 5 carats, and a central emerald stone, an astonishing 50 carats in size.

The crown has been designed and crafted under the expert guidance of one of South India’s most reputable jewelers. The jeweler, renowned for their expertise in exclusive jewelry craftsmanship since 1900, has a rich history of creating exceptional pieces for various sacred temples, including the Lord Balaji Tirumala Temple, the letter reads.

Cliaming that Chandrashekhar and his family’s unwavering devotion to Shri Ram has inspired them to make this magnificent offering, the letter states that he describes the opportunity to donate the crown as a dream come true and a profound blessing.

Everything in his life is a result of Lord Rama’s blessings, making this contribution a significant milestone for him and his family, he said.

To facilitate the donation, Chandrashekhar has authorised his staff member and his legal advisor, Anant Malik, who will be responsible for presenting the crown to the trust.

They will ensure all legal formalities are met, including providing the necessary bills, receipts, and certificates related to the crown. The gold crown is expected to be completed by the first week of December.

Chandrashekhar and his family “would be grateful if the crown could be placed on Ram Lalla’s Idol on the Consecration Ceremony on January 22, 2024,” the conman added.

Currently, he is incarcerated at Mandoli’s Jail-11 in the national capital.

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