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Syed Hassan Imam : A freedom fighter with secular mindsets

Syed Hassan Imam, born in Patna (Bihar) on 31st August, 1871 was a nationalist of progressive outlook who emphasized on inclusive development as well as to enjoy self–rule. His elder brother Syed Ali Imam was also a known freedom fighter. After pursuing Law from England, he started his practice as an advocate at Kolkata Judiciary and became a famous Advocate. Syed Hassan joined Indian National Congress and became an active participant of the National Movement, besides being the President of Bihar State Students’ Union. He exhorted people to accept progressive thinking/ideas and shun retrogressive obsolete customs/habits. He resigned his job of a Justice in Kolkata High-Court to become a full-fledged freedom fighter.

He presided over the Indian National Congress in Bombay and played a vital role in the Home Rule Movement, appealing a cordial relation between Congress and Muslim League in order to achieve Independence. Hassan strongly opposed the Rowlatt Act and organized a huge rally against it at Mumbai. Although he was a devout/practicing Muslims, he was against bigotry and fanatic approach. Besides, opposing religious interference in solving common problems as a Unity among Hindus and Muslims would make the freedom struggle a success. He remained active in National movement and on social reform fronts as well. He also led the Swadeshi Movement as its General Secretary. He was also an impressive / astute orator with capability to spell bound the audience. Remaining dedicated to the national movement, he took his last breath on 19th April, 1933 to be included in the golden list of Indian Freedom Fighters.

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