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Syed Mir Nisar Ali: The fierce fighter of Narkelbaria

Titu Mir who was born in a peasant family at Haiderpur village, Narkelbaria, West Bengal in 1782 and was a renowned wrestler during his younger days. He came in contact with rebellions of Farazi movement during his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1822 whereupon he resolved to organize a struggle against Britishers in his native place. Titu witnessed the woes of the local people, suffering in the clutches of East India Company, Zamindars and Mahajans and vowed to confront against the Company and its stooges in order to put an end to the exploitation. He undertook a campaign and organized a rebellion by arousing the people against the foreign rule and to start an armed struggle against the exploiters. Titu personally led several revolts and took on face the British/Zamindari forces decisively. He, being such a fearless, fierce and courageous person, was informing company officials/police about his forays in advance. Thousands of locals, irrespective of their religions and class warriors were his dedicated followers in rebellion. Titu Mir built a bamboo fort in Narkelbaria where from he continued the armed struggle frightening the Company rulers for about a decade. Ultimately, the British commanders attacked the fort on November, 1831 at Narkelbaria, where Titu Mir was defeated and later succumbed to injuries in 1832. Titu would always remain immortal in the history of Bengal’s War for Independence.

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