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Does ISIS Rule by The Shari’ah?

In Islamic theology, Sharia is the road to Jinnah (paradise). It literally translates as ‘the way’ and refers to Islamic laws that govern religious rituals and everyday life (e.g. prayers, hygiene and diet). Ill-informed Muslims as well as sympathisers of Islamic State (ISIS) often claim that although ISIS are from …

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“The Extremists have perished, the extremists have perished, the extremists have perished”.

As news trickled in that Ahle Hadith, an Ultra-Orthodox Sunni Muslim sect that practices Salafist brand of Islam, is all set to declare the ISIS or Daesh as it is known in Arabic and its terror tactics as un Islamic, the mind immediately goes to what the Prophet said “The …

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Islamic State and al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent posing new threat: MHA

With Islamic State and al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) posing “new challenges” to the security environment, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has sounded an alert about activities of radicalised people returning from conflict areas such as IS-dominated Syria. The MHA, in a note to the Parliamentary Committee on Estimates, …

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‘No Indian Muslim who believes in Islam will allow ISIS to set roots here’: Rajnath Singh

Dismissing reports of the Islamic State gaining a foothold in Kashmir, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said today that Indian Muslims would never allow terrorist outfits such as IS to have a base in the country. Singh also said he has complete faith in the Indian youth that they would …

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