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Islam commands for amity, charity and good deeds

Quran directs followers for compassion, kindness, charity and philanthropic deeds towards needy, orphaned, destitute and neighbors irrespective of their religion, besides prohibiting extravaganza and over spending on comforts: “Worship Allah without any scruple, attend parents, dependents, orphaned and needy neighbors/relatives, as such doer would be rewarded on the day of …

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Tolerance, pluralism, interfaith harmony: The core of Islam

Against a false campaign and misconception by vested interest terming Islam as a ‘religion of violence’ and Muslims as savages, the tenets of Islam as well as teachings of Prophet reiterate peaceful co-existence, benevolence, tolerance and pluralistic society, the pre-requisites of global peace and prosperity, which is evident from the …

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Islam teaches moderation and a balanced approach to life

Islam exhorts Muslims to practice moderation and a balanced approach to life, which essentially means adopting a middle path between two extremes in every walk of life, i.e. beliefs, worship, conduct, relationships, ideas, customs, transactions, daily activities and human desires. This is quoted in the holy Quran as below: (Allah …

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