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Why use of Islamic terrorism in Indian context is wrong

There is a view in India which sees Muslim men and women as backward. Not just the burkha-clad women, even Muslim men, are considered inadequately modern. Muslims constitute more than 14 per cent of the country’s population, but their economic condition in generally deplorable. Added to this is the tragedy …

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Wahhabism is a very orthodox sect of Islam. The focus is on being ultra conservative and remaining pure to the teachings of Quran. It does not allow practice of worshipping Saints and praying at their tombs. It also is against any worship of idols. Over a period of time, Wahhabism …

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Understanding Muslim women and men

Does Islam treat women fairly when it comes to marriage and divorce? Islam does unequivocally, but men do not. The Supreme Court on August 22, 2017, in theory, brought relief to harried Muslim women by declaring instant triple talaq invalid through a 3-2 split verdict. Justice Kurian Joseph, whose vote …

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