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Tamil Nadu: 9 Twitter handles booked for promoting ‘Biryani Jihad’ propaganda

by Muslim Mirror Staff

The Coimbatore police have taken action against a group of individuals who were using nine Twitter accounts to disseminate false information and engage in propaganda under the pretext of ‘Biryani Jihad’ aimed at targeting the Muslim community.

As per a report from Alt News, the Twitter handles in question were found to be sharing fabricated information regarding specific Muslim restaurants in Coimbatore. The false claims made by these accounts suggested that the biryani sold by these eateries contained contraceptive pills intentionally added to decrease the Hindu population.

“A massively widespread message claims that Biryani laced with pills that cause impotence was sold to Hindu customers by Muslim shop owners in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. From the Facebook page Modi The Legend, the claim received 1,000 shares as of this writing,” the report said.

The Coimbatore City Cybercrime department of Police registered under Sections 465 (forgery) and 505(b) (intent to incite offence among different communities or class) of IPC, and sections 66 (using computer resources to spread offensive information) and 66D (using computer resources to cheat by impersonation) of the Information Technology Act (2000).

Last year, a similar message circulated, alleging that Muslim-owned hotels located along highways in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra were surreptitiously mixing food served to Hindus with tablets that cause impotence. The message claimed that this was part of a deliberate effort to reduce the Hindu population in India. Additionally, it falsely stated that Muslims were covertly adding meat to the food.

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