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Teacher offers Rs 1,000 Fixed Deposit to boost govt school enrollment

Koppal: The vehicles of private convent schools are increasingly seen in the villages of Koppal district, competing fiercely to attract students. However, Guruswamy, the in-charge of the Government Junior Primary School in Rotary Nagar, Hiresindogi, Koppal Taluk, has come up with a unique and impactful strategy to counter this trend. He is depositing Rs 1,000 as Fixed Deposit (FD) each in the name of children who enrol in the government school, using his own money to do so.

Guruswamy’s initiative involves giving a 10-year bond to the children who get admission in the first class, ensuring a fixed deposit of Rs 1,000 in their names. This generous gesture has already seen about 25 children benefiting from the deposits. This effort not only empowers the government school but also encourages children’s learning. Currently, 27 children from 1st to 5th standard are receiving their education at this school.

For the past four years, aside from setting up a fixed deposit for the students, Guruswamy has been providing free school bags, notebooks, pens, pencils, and a pair of uniforms to every child in the school, all from his own pocket. Additionally, he has taken the initiative to buy lime paint and personally beautify the school, demonstrating his commitment through hard work and personal sacrifice.

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Enrollment in government schools saw a significant decline in many areas post-COVID-19, making it a challenge to sustain these schools, especially in rural regions. To combat this issue, Guruswamy has been tirelessly working to increase enrollment by undertaking various activities within the school.

He is an active member of the Kalarava Teacher’s Corps, which aims to beautify government schools and has been recognized with the district’s best teacher award by the State Teachers’ Welfare Fund team.

“My main aim is to satisfy the children, who are our future, and the school. I am satisfied with this,” Guruswamy shared, reflecting his deep dedication and sense of fulfilment.

Soumya, a 4th standard student, expressed her gratitude: “The fixed deposit amount given by the teachers of our school will facilitate further education. The bag, notebook, and t-shirt provided are helping in creating a learning environment for all the children.”

Guruswamy’s efforts are a shining example of how individual dedication and innovative thinking can make a significant difference in the educational landscape, ensuring that government schools remain a viable and attractive option for parents and children alike.

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