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Telangana Assembly Polls: Muslims ‘kingmakers’ in 53 constituencies

Hyderabad: Every political party is eying on Muslim voters since Muslim constitute 12.7 % population in the State. In 53 Assembly Constituencies, they hold the status of ‘Kingmakers’. Congress-led alliance has decided to concentrate on these voters. Gauging the wrath of Muslim voters in 2019 General Elections, KCR decided to hold midterm polls so that the anger of the Muslims with Central Govt. should not affect the chances of winning election for TRS in the State. Fearing this, he decided to dissolve Assembly 6 months before the expiry of its term. Despite this, Muslims do not seem to incline towards TRS. In South India, after Kerala and Karnataka, Telangana is the third state which has sizeable Muslim voters.

Out of 119 Assembly Constituencies, there are 53 constituencies wherein, Muslim voters can tilt the balance provided more than 60% voters exercise their franchise. TRS and Congress alliance have engaged their leaders to muster the support of the Muslims.

It may be mentioned that for any party to form the government in the State, it needs 62 Assembly seats. If Muslims take part in voting in large numbers and poll the votes in favour of a certain party, it is sure to form the government.
In seven Assembly constituencies of Hyderabad city, Muslim constitutes more than 50% of the total population. TRS Govt. has failed to fulfill the promises it made to the Muslims which is the reason for their anger.

Source: Siasat News

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