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Telangana Budget is a “Big Bogus” and Full of Lies with fudged figures, Congress Accused.

Hyderabad: Dr Sravan Dasoju, the chief Official Spokesperson of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, accused that 5th budget for the financial year 2018-19 introduced by KCR Government is full of lies and a complete bogus with false figures and cooked up statistics.

Dr Sravan alleged that KCR has conspired in suspending Congress MLAs from the assembly only escape from the democratic debate on the budget and their fudged figures.

Sravan said that KCR conveniently forgets that the fact that it is because of the congress party’s hard work, today he is able to introduce such rich budget worth of Rs.1,74,000 crores. While KCR conveniently, talks about financial richness of Telangana, but hides the fact he borrowed almost Rs.1.5 lakhs crores of debt,, Sravan added.

Sravan alleged that almost 61 hours of assembly sessions spread in 13 days are only misused to praise KCR, but not democratically debate and discuss on any public issue.

Sravan slammed at KCR it is shameful that eleven most vital bills including those pertaining to Panchayatraj, Private Universities, Assigned Lands and others were introduced without the presence of main opposition. Sravan, compared it with the assembly of Duryodhana, where dictatorial decisions are being brutally enforced without any dialogue.

Addressing media today, Dr Sravan released first People’s Charge Sheet declaring Telangana Government’s budget as “Bogus Budget and termed KCR as manipulator and deserves punishment in people’s court. Sravan said with lot more facts and figures, he going to release one charge sheet on budget exposing the misdeeds of government.

Sravan alleged that KCR’s Government made several promises in the manifesto and he failed to implement. But ironically, KCR has forgotten to implement what has been promised in the very abode of democracy, the Legislative Assembly.

Sravan criticized that Budget, according to 112 article of Indian Constitution, has constitutional sanctity and unfortunately KCR government is disregarding the constitutional mandate.

Sravan, in his people’s charge sheet, listed out a number of promises made in the year 2014, by the Honorable Governor in his first pre-budget session, ranging from Telangana Martyrs, Establishment of People’s Council, Double Bedroom Houses, Three Acres of Land to Daliths, SC welfare with Rs 50000 crores, BC welfare with Rs 25,000 crores, 12 reservations to Muslims, ITIR, 10% reservations to STs, KG to PG free Education etc. Sravan accused that none of them that were promised by the Governor in 2014 are implemented even after 5 budgets and questioned that as head of the government, what has been promised the Honorable Governor is not honored and implemented, how anybody will trust TRS Government that they will abide by approved budget.

Sravan accused that budgetary manipulations have crossed all the limits that even CAG found fault with the state government that it fudging figures and showing loans as revenue spirits just create a hype of better financial health of the state.

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