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Terrorist hijacked Islam, colloquium held in India Islamic Cultural Center New Delhi

A high-level delegation of UAE sponsored anti-terrorist organization “Hidaya” expressed its feelings that the Indian Muslims have not patronized terrorism. They were attending a colloquium held at India Islamic Center, New Delhi.

The chief of the Hidaya organization, Dr. Ali Rashed told that it is the duty of every Muslim to come forward to oppose terrorist activities. He further told that the terrorists have hijacked Islam. It is our bounden duty to defend Islam. He further said that when the non-Muslims hear the sound of “Allah hu Akbar”, they get perturbed thinking that what is going to happen next whereas this slogan should give peace and tranquility to them.

Another member and Executive Director of Hidaya, Maqsood highlighted the activities of his organization. He told that at present more than 60% citizens of Arab countries are below 25 years of age. He also told that the Muslims should take care of their children who are caught in terrorist activities.

President of India Islamic Cultural Center of New Delhi, Mr. Sirajuddin Qureshi told that in India, more than 200 million Muslims reside but they are not involved in terrorist activities.

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, VC of Jodhpur University conducted the meeting. The function began with the recitation of Quran by Qari Hifzur Rehman. Maulana Asrarul Haq Qasmi, MP told that terrorism did not flourish in India since the Muslims here understood the Quran very well. Mufti Mohammed Mukaram of Masjid Fatehpuri, Maulana Mahmood Madani, Maulana Ali Asghar Imam also addressed the gathering.

Former Chief Election Commissioner, Mr. Yousuf Qureshi told that terrorist activities started when America patronized mujahideen with the help of Pakistan to intervene in Afghanistan.

Prof. Syed Ehtesham Hasnain, VC of Hamdarad University, HR Khan Sohail, Mustaq Ahmed Advocate and others were present at the meeting.

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