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Terrorists are ‘Hell’ bound : Major Ali Shah (Retd.)

Major Mohommed Ali Shah, a veteran from a family of Army Officers since last 200 years while terming the terrorists has cowards/inhuman beings states that violence in the name of Islam has failed to produce any positive result, rather earning Allah’s displeasure. Having spearheaded operations against Sikh, North-East, J&K etc., and proving his credentials as a Patriot, Maj. Shah challenged leaders of Pakistan based outfits against their claim of being ‘Jihadees/fidayeens’ sacrificing lives in the name of Islam, rather curses them for acts counterproductive instead.

He exhorted Muslim community in general and way laid youth in particular, for total renouncement of violence and committing to peace for being deserved to God’s blessings. Terrorists are not only enemies of humanity but also guilty of ‘sin’ for shaming Islam, the religion of peace/harmony in foundation. He further mentions that their dastardly acts are portraying the community as ‘typecast’ and ‘a danger to global peace.

Major Ali reiterates that Muslims are being branded as a terrorist community because of ignorant/sinful fools i.e. terrorists who misinterpret the term ‘jihad’, which actually means struggle against inner evils and a fight in favour of oppressed. Today, all the good work that the Muslim community has done is being discredited because of the wrong doings of a few misled, uneducated, disloyal enemies of humanity. The brainless ‘Fidayeen’ you have been breeding are going to hell to rot and not to any heaven as you mislead and brain wash young, gullible youths who are ignorant of teachings of Islam, which is actually a very peace loving, scientific, logical and simple religion. He, excluding a few mindless ones, states that Indian Muslims have been proud of their National identification and are ready to shed their blood for the country and against her enemies. Major Shah reaffirms, ‘O Azhar! ‘Tumhe is Ghenoni Harkat Ka Tum Kafeeron Ko Karaara Jawaab Milega’. No one can get away after messing with the Indians and Indian Defence Forces.

‘Shame on terrorists! You are non believers of Islam, rather ‘Kafirs’.

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