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The Commendable Response of Indian Muslim Community

The messenger of Allah said: “The strong man is not the one who can overpower others (in wrestling), rather, the strong man is the one who controls himself when he gets angry” (Ahmed, 2/236)

Muslims of India have showed remarkable patience while dealing with recent derogatory remarks on the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who is an ideal example of love and brotherhood among all the religions, races, colours, regions. Prophet Muhammad taught all the Muslims to love without any desire of getting loved in return. It is well known that on a visit to Taif (a city in Saudi Arabia), locals threw countless stones on him and wounded him lethally but he forgave all those offenders so that Muslims may learn the art of forgiving. He taught the Muslims that hatred must not be dealt with hatred but with love and fraternity for upliftment and prosperity of the community and country as a whole. Indian Muslims implemented those teachings in their life by treating all the communities with love, respect, harmony and equality though some people incite them constantly.

Reaction of Indian Muslims to a recent derogatory remark on Prophet Muhammad at Press Club of India, Delhi, highlights the fact that Indian Muslims do not believe in trivial issues and constant derogatory remarks of such people who intend to lure them emotionally against communal harmony. As far as Muslims’ understanding about Mohammad (PBUH) is concerned, any true Muslim would know that Mohammad’s state, character and behaviour are beyond such remarks and comment. However, Indian Muslims showed unquestionable faith in the judiciary and seldom took law into their own hands which is truly in consonance with the teachings of Islam and deeds of Prophet Muhammad. The law of the land came into action and the person issuing derogatory remarks on Prophet Muhammad was booked under various Indian Penal Code Sections.

By showing patience, Indian Muslims have demonstrated that Islam always prefers peace to violence. That, they are the true followers of Prophet Muhammad who always advocated harmony and brotherhood. By posing faith in the law of the land, Indian Muslims have also showed their respect and commitment for upholding the rule of law.

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