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The Prophet: Founder of first welfare/multi-faith state in Medina

A truly welfare/secular state ensures people’s involvement in social, economic and political affairs, besides establishing peace, harmony, justice, human values and open opportunities to citizens irrespective of their faith/religion. Muhammad’s motto was justice and equality, besides advocating for amelioration/empowerment of womenfolk as well as universal brotherhood among all human beings. He declared that the people of the universe are equal irrespective of their faith, race, colour etc. and brought all of them on one platform/class/community/nation, sharing common ideals and privileges. He had granted security of life, property, religious practices of all the residents of Medina, eliminating discrimination and ill-will.

The people in general and world leaders in particulars are required to follow the footsteps of the Messenger solving the problems like divide, killings, terrorism, fanatic tendencies, besides ensuring peace, harmony and inclusive progress of the human race. The Prophet put an example by bringing Arabs under one Government in Medina where they were given equal voice in determination of the Government policy, besides ensuring peace, harmony and prosperity to all. A word free of chaos, violence and divide requires inspiration from Prophet’s deeds.

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