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The Role of Marraige in Islam

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The Role of Marraige in Islam

Marriage is important to Muslims because in the Qur’an it says

“marriage is good and everyone should get married if they can” this

was spoken by Muhammad, marriage is also very important to the Muslim

faith because the rule for Muslims is that there is NO sex before


The Qur’an shows Muslims the right way to go in marriage and life, the

Qur’an is very serious about NO sex before marriage! And the Qur’an

feels that every man should marry a woman.

The man plays a big role in the marriage at the ceremony the tradition

is the groom gives a gift to the bride this could be anything from

jewellery to a house. The man is expected to do most duties, the

woman’s main role is to provide children and help with the upbringing.

‘No institution in Islam finds more favour with god than marriage’

this says that god wants everyone married and happy, his happiness is

based on a happy marriage.

A Muslim ceremony is very simple, it is to show that a woman and a man

are marrying at there own free will. After the main part of the

ceremony a contract is signed which is given to the bride this follows

with prayers.

The contract which is signed is called a mahr (dowry) this specifies

that they both want this marriage and they understand there roles of

the marriage and whether the woman agrees or disagrees to being one of

a polygamy marriage.

Arranged marriages is a marriage that are arranged by the parents.

Some Muslims disagree with arranged marriages.

Advantages of arranged marriages:

· Parents know there children better than anyone else.

· Parents will choose someone that will look after you because parents

want the best for there children.

· Parents will take into account the bride’s culture, education,

hobbies and personality.

· Marriage is a contract between to families as well as two

individuals so it makes sense if the rest of the family is involved.

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· Parents can’t criticise your partner.

· You don’t have to agree to the 1st man.

Disadvantages of an arranged marriage:

· The parents don’t have to live with the person they choose.

· You need to learn about relationships.

· Decide what sort of partner you want.

· It’s personal.

· Independence.

Although Muhammad wants everyone married, the Muslims understand that

some marriages will have breakdowns. Marriage is a legal contract

between a couple which means it can be ended.

A man cannot divorce until it is definitely sure the wife is not


And the wife cannot divorce until she has returned her mahr.

A good marriage is based on happiness and companionship. Muslims look

up to Muhammad as an example of how to behave in marriage because he

loved and marriage brought him happiness.

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