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The spirit of Ramadan

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum

Ramadan had started and Ali and his friend, Asghar were fasting. One day they were sitting on a bench, talking about what their mothers were going to prepare for Iftar. They were going on and on about it when suddenly Asghar said in a very sad tone: “it is nice to know that after all these long hours of not eating or drinking, delicious food is waiting for us at home, but I know some of the boys at school don’t have enough food, they are poor but they fast anyway.”

Ali was not aware of this but knew whom Asghar was talking about, and that made him very upset. He could not believe there are families who do not have enough food to eat.

That evening at the time of Iftar, his mother prepared some delicious and nutritious food. Although hungry, Ali just could not eat. He kept thinking about his mates. He imagined them at the time of Iftar, with little food between them.
Ali pushed his dish away and stopped eating. His parents noticed this, and asked why he was not eating? He told them what Asghar told him.
Ali’s parents were very proud of their boy for having concern for his friends. His father said he knew a way to help them, but first, Ali had to finish his food.
Even before dinner had finished, his father got up to go to the shops. Ali insisted on going along with him. They bought the same food that people usually eat at Iftar. Ali knew a couple of friends who needed help with food in this Ramadan, so they drove to their houses.
Ali’s father was extra careful not to give the impression that they were giving them charity. Ali knocked at the door and his friend came to the door. Ali held out the food saying his family wanted to share some food with friends and neighbours as a gesture in the month of Ramadan.
The boy, who knew this was a tradition in Islam, happily accepted the food. Ali was over the moon with his father’s idea and the fact that now his friends had nice food just like himself.
Sharing your food with others, and helping those in need, are the true spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.


Ghazaleh Kamrani

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