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There is no difference between Allah and God.

Human beings are the finest creation of the God in this universe. God has created each and every particle in this universe with its own purpose to serve. Quran (Sura Azzariyath – 51:56) tells clearly that Allah had created Human beings and Jinnaths only for the purpose of worshipping the lord. Worshiping Allah is nothing but walking in the path prescribed in the holy texts. Entire universe was created for Human beings, but the human beings were created for worshiping the lord. Whenever the human beings deviate from the prescribed path, Allah sent prophets to this earth to guide the human beings back to the right track. Unfortunately, now a days, people belonging to different religions quarrel among themselves by arguing that the God is different for each of their religion. To be frank, they have to identify that the creator of all of them is the same. There is no separate creator for Hindus and no separate fate decider for Muslims. This has been clearly mentioned in Hindu religious scripts like 4-Vedas, 108-Upanishads and even in Bhagavad Gita. Rigveda (6-45-16) says Ekameva Adviteeyam Brahma (God is one) and Rigveda (10-146-16) says Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti (God is one but the creative people can visualize him in many ways).

Hence, one should feel that he is not different from each other. Methods of worshiping the God may be different. It should not create rift or misunderstanding among them. Let them identify the lord as one and also live like they are one (united) and not divided.

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