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These are the #MeToo Tweets You Need to Read

Hi again y’all. I am alone here at the teacher:s room. The Musashino line had a 3 hour delay posted at Asaka-dai station. So I took the bus and walked. I started coming here because I am taking an online class on Christian and Muslim text comparisons. And I read a very interesting essay interviewing or from? the founder of this blog.

First, I have been wanting to say that men, did not come from Mars. They were raised by women. Why isn’t this dynamic mentioned in the discussion of men harassing and humiliating women? the mothers of sons are participants in this cycle, IMHO. I am no authority.
to jump to the recent past, I will admit that for a while on the trains….it lasted about a year…maybe….not something I was proud of because of my religious convictions…I had to wrest my physical desires away……..but I was alone in the struggle, and the conditions of the Tokyo trains were not conducive to aiding my struggles…….Jump to the more distant past…I remember being shocked at the new car commercials featuring a woman in a dress that was slit up the side…to her hips I think….but actually there was an under dress…something dark….that was 1960’s….so you know it was really quite tame. But for me…I grew up in a really sheltered environment, plus I was considered a nerd, so I wasn’t part of the jocks lunch table discussions…

You folks who are kinda new in the USA, I really feel for you….until you get adjusted like everyone else….or maybe not….What if Muslim women form a kind of leadership role in this still-disorganized movement of American women?

Has anyone read Toni Morrison:s novel?
“The magnetism of this scene comes not only from the vigor of its language. It’s also a reminder that sorrow infused with anger is the emotional foundation from which all eleven of Morrison’s novels have sprung, beginning in 1970 with “The Bluest Eye.” “God Help the Child,” which shares some of that first novel’s themes, can be read, in fact, as an imaginative summary of Morrison’s entire literary enterprise. It bears a lifetime’s worth of anger and sorrow, distilled to their essences and fiercely hung onto, tooth and claw.”

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