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Tipu Sultan : the Tiger of Mysore

An Undeterred warrior, who generated fear amongst Britishers, born on 10th November,1750 at Devanahalli, Kolar ( Karnataka). Being deadly against the divisive policies of East India Company, he gave clarion call to the countrymen and native rulers to unite and fight against the alien rule. He was also known as the ‘Napoleon of South India’ for turning impossible to possible by dint of his courage. He used to say ‘Friend to my people is my friend and enemies to my people are my enemies whom against I would be at war always’. Tipu continued to expand his kingdom despite stiff revelry from Nizam of Hyderabad and Marathas.

He was a visionary, encouraging modern trade industry, agriculture, taxation, civil engineering etc. besides, utilizing criminals in vocational works rather than incarcerated in jails. Tipu was well versed in many languages like Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and French. He was a secular ruler impartial to all religions. Due to combined forces of Company, Nizam and Marathas besides the treason by his own Diwan, Tipu was defeated in the battlefield of Srigangapatnam, and died on May 14, 1799 as an ‘Unyielding Tiger’.

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