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Top 10 Greatest Muslim Female Athletes of All Time

In this article, we are going to talk about the sporting exploits of some of the Greatest Female Muslim Athletes of all time. We are going to look at the top Muslim, female athletes who have achieved fame and success through their performances in sports and sportsmanship and eventually branded their names into the history books.

#1. Laila Ali

The first name on this list of successful, female, Muslim athletes; is non-other than the daughter of retired boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. Laila Ali, born in the USA, followed in her father’s footsteps and established a remarkable boxing career of her own. During which, Laila has been crowned boxing champion no less than three times, earning three world titles during the span of her career.

Not only has Laila won titles, it is reported that she went throughout her career unbeaten, leaving a very impressive record in female boxing history. Now thirty-three and retired, Laila has switched careers from boxing to business. It turns out the once triumphant boxer is now an entrepreneur with her own line of make-up and beauty products.

 #2. Hassiba Boulmerka

The second sporting heroine to join this list is an Algerian who goes by the name Hassiba Boulmerka. She is the second Muslim woman ever to have earned a gold medal during the Olympics, which she competed in and won in 1992. Hassiba was part of the competitors who partook in the 1500 metre race of 1992 and came out the victor, earning her country its first ever Olympic gold medal along the way.

#3. Rania El Wani

The third name on this list is Rania El Wani, an Egyptian swimmer who has competed in three Olympic Games, as well as various other African competitions. She has won four medals competing in the  1991, 1995, and 1999 Africa Championships as well as the 1999 African Games competition. Wani also won medals during the 1997 Mediterranean Games as well as the 1999 Arab Games.

#4. Roqaya Al Gassra

The fourth name of this list Roqaya Al Gassra from Bahrain. Gassra has won medals in the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, coming out of the competition with a gold medal in the 200 metre sprint and a bronze in the 100 metre run. She has also come out with medals from Asian Indoor and Arabian Championships. Gassara made history when she became the first to run in a hijab during the 2004 Olympics. She is of inspiring stature and was named flag bearer for Bahrain at the 2008 Olympics.


#5. Kiran Khan

Another inspiring female Muslim athlete is the young Kiran Khan of Pakistan. This record-holding swimmer has competed for her nation at the 2008 Beijing and at Asian Commonwealth games amongst other competitions and is still only 21 years of age.

#6. Shiekha Latifa Bint Ahmed Al Maktoum (Equestarian)

At no. 6 is Shiekha Maktoum. Shiekha is an equestrian and has won plenty of medals in regional championships. She is more recently celebrated for winning a silver medal in the 2010 Asian Games.

#7. Shiekha Maitha Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Maktoum (Martial Arts)

The next athlete we will look at also goes by the name first name Shiekha, last name Maktoum.  Maktoum competes in the field of martial arts and like all athletes named on this list, a medal winner herself. Maktoum won silver in the 2006 Doha Asian Games and competed in taekwondo during the 2008 Olympics. She also holds a world record for being the first Gulf woman to hold her nations flag (the UAE) at the Olympics.

#8. Nawal El Moutakawel

Nawal El Moutakawel from Morocco is the ninth athlete to make this list. She is highly revered as the first, female Muslim athlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal. She won the 400m hurdles in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, thus making her mark in history. She is also the first Muslim woman to be elected in the International Olympics Committee and holds the 2010 Laureus Achievement Award.

#9. Rubab Raza

At the tender age of 20, an exciting addition to this list is Pakistani Rubab Raza. Raza is dubbed as Pakistan’s youngest ever Olympian after competing in the 2004 Athens Games at only the age of 13. She took part is the 50m freestyle swimming freestyle leaving her own piece of history in the process.

#10. Ghada Shouaa

The tenth and last name to make our list of Greatest Female Muslim Athletes of All Time is a Syrian woman named Ghada Shouaa. Shouaa rose to prominence in her spectacular performance in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. She came out with the gold medal in the heptathlon and has won other medals in numerous Asian and World games.

We hope you found this article interesting and inspirational.

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