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Triple Talaq bill: Muslim Clerics back AIMPLB’s request

Mumbai/Faizabad: Muslim clerics on Monday supported the All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s (AIMPLB) request to the Centre to withdraw and withhold the Triple Talaq bill stating that the law provisionally made has loopholes which need to be addressed.

“The AIMPLB is right in their demand; the bill should be withdrawn. It has many loopholes. First and foremost, the punishment of three years for an offender is not justified. When the man is in jail, what will his wife do? Who will take care of her expenses? The AIMPLB is right, the bill affect women drastically. The punishment term should be shortened,” secretary of Jamiat Ulama, Gulzar Azmi, told ANI.

Further, the cleric accused the Centre of indulging in votebank politics, and added that the law has not taken the religious norms into consideration.

Another cleric, Iqbal Ansari, opined that the laws that are made should be in the interest of the nation as a whole, and should not harm any particular religious community.

“The laws that were made until now were for the benefit of Indians on the whole. They should not harm any community, but benefit the larger section of society. The Centre should rethink its decision,” he said.

Earlier on Sunday, the AIMPLB requested the Central Government to withdraw and withhold the triple talaq bill.

While addressing a press briefing in Lucknow, AIMPLB’s Sajjad Nomani accused the Centre of not following the laid procedure in drafting the bill.

The body also claimed the bill was against women and children, and if implemented, would destroy many families. (ANI)

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