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True closure of RJB-BM issue, irrespective of the SC verdict

Arshad Alam, a columnist, has exhorted the Muslim community for a true W Çclose^of Ram Janam Bhoomi- Babri Masjid/RJB-BM issue in the wake of the upcoming Supreme Court verdict. Stating that Babri Masjid is an emotional issue for the Muslims like Ram Janam Bhoomi to the Hindus, he advised the community to be ready to accept the verdict, which may go either way. The columnist has advised the community to be pragmatic and be willing to gift the land to the Hindus for construction of Ram Mandir as a pure goodwill gesture, even if the verdict favours the Muslims, without putting any condition on the other side. Such an act will not be an act of cowardice; rather it will be from a position of strength. This gesture might become a turning point in Hindu-Muslim relation in India, which is currently vitiated due to a number of factors.

In case, the Supreme Court rules in favour of a temple, the Muslims must welcome it with full conviction. Referring to the Shah Bano case, Arshad Alam wrote that the choices made by the Muslims in different situations had been counter-productive to the very ethos of pluralism and the rule of law. Muslim community, which is the largest minority should be the fast to believe in the rule of law and equality and they should be the first to fight for constitutional guarantee for everyone.

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