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TS Govt. makes an attempt to justify 12% reservation

Hyderabad: In the wake of rumours of midterm polls, the issue of reservations for Muslims and Tribals has become very complex. Govt. of Telangana is engaged in persuading the Central Govt. for reservations. The officials of BCs Welfare and Social Welfare are engaged in making a case to justify reservations so that a report could be sent to the Center as early as possible for getting assent from President of India.

Mr. KCR is disappointed that Central Govt. returned the bill without mentioning appropriate reasons. It should have commissioned the officials of TS to elicit clarifications. The Center declared the bill unconstitutional without giving an opportunity to Govt. of TS to explain. In this manner, the homework done by State Govt. was wiped off.

Now that the Center has rejected the bill, State Govt. has to start the exercise afresh. Once again, it has to get the report from BCs Commission which had earlier recommended for reservations.

It may be noted that for making reservations for any group, the recommendations of BCs Commission is mandatory as per the constitution. Mr. KCR did not expect that Center would reject the bill. He had reposed confidence in PM Modi. According to him, Mr. Modi had promised to provide reservations. He was under the wrong impression that Modi won’t disappoint him since he had supported on the issues of demonetizations and GST. Recently, TRS MPs did not participate in the discussions in the Parliament on Triple Talaq Bill to save NDA Govt. from difficulties. At the beginning of the budget session of the Parliament, KCR had told TRS Parliamentary leader, Mr. Jitender Reddy and his daughter Kavitha to apprise the TRS MPs that TRS is supporting Central Govt. on the basis of issues.

Despite supporting Modi, he returned the bill which disappointed Mr. KCR. He wants to call on Mr. Modi. His party colleagues are advising him to lead an all-party delegation so that Congress doesn’t get an opportunity to exploit the situation politically.

It may be mentioned that Mr. KCR was in Delhi recently for a week. He made an attempt to meet the PM but PMO did not give an appointment. In this meeting, Mr. KCR might have persuaded PM to support reservation issue. In a situation when the allies of NDA are making an attempt to revolt, TRS wants to get closer to NDA.

Some of the party leaders are of the opinion that KCR should have made a representation once again to the PM. Viewing the performance of NDA Govt. for the past four years, Mr. KCR should not have believed the assurance given by PM.

It seems that Center is making an attempt to force TRS to get into its fold. When KCR declared that his party will not align with NDA, PM sent the reservation bill without informing the TRS Govt. PM wanted to strengthen BJP taking the support of TRS. In fact, PM had advised BJP cadre to forge an alliance with TRS and had instructed it to avoid opposing TRS. In order to get closer to TRS, BJP President, Mr. Amit Shah had also cancelled his visit to Telangana.

It remains to be seen whether TRS wants to ally itself with NDA since Mr. KCR does not want to get the label of aligning his party with the communal organization.

If CM is in favour of midterm polls, he would visit New Delhi to get reservations cleared. This depends on the legal opinion. The legal experts consider that if separate bills for Muslim and Tribal reservations are sent to the Center, there is no possibility of getting Muslim reservation bill passed.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. KCR will knock at the door of Supreme Court for which there is a danger that the present 4% reservation might be at stake since it has been challenged in the Supreme Court and the case is in progress.

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