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Uproar in Parliament on Reservation issue continues: TRS MPs register protest with placards

Hyderabad: Making a demand to delegate powers to States to provide reservations, TRS MPs staged protest in the Parliament raising placards in their hands. Due to this protest, Parliament could not function on the third day also.

TRS MPs demanded to approve the bill to provide 12% reservations to Muslims and 10% for STs. They wanted the government to give assent to the bill sent by TS State Assembly.

TRS MPs Mr. Jigender Reddy, Ms. Kavitha, Mr. Srinivas Reddy, Mr. Vishveshwar Reddy, Mr. B. Suman, Mr. Vinod Kumar and others raised slogans showing placards. They demanded that States should be given powers to provide reservations to weaker sections according to the size of their population.

Talking to newsmen, after the adjournment of the Parliament session, TRS MP Ms. K. Kavitha told that by providing reservations, the aim is to increase the percentage of representation of weaker sections in education and employment. She said that under the pretext of the observation made by Supreme Court to restrict reservations up to 50%, Central Govt. is avoiding passing this bill. She mentioned that there is no clause in the Constitution of India that reservations should not exceed 50%. She pleaded that States should be given more powers in the fields of education, health and agriculture. She pointed out that after the formation of Telangana State, the populations of the Muslims and the Tribals has increased Govt. of Telangana decided to enhance reservations to these sections after receiving the reports from BCs Commission and Sudhir Commission of Inquiry.

Ms. Kavitha further told that the observation of Supreme Court cannot be a hurdle in providing reservations. She questioned the stand of Govt. of India and said that it is discriminating only TS whereas in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and other states, reservations have exceeded 50%.

Dr. K. Keshav Rao, TRS MP told that in Tamil Nadu 69% reservations are being implemented for the past 21 years. Rajasthan, Maharashtra and other States have also given reservations exceeding 50% but the Center did not object. Now, that TRS suggested for the enhancement of reservations in order to fulfill its election promise, why Center is making an objection?

He further told that the agitation of TRS MPS will continue in the future also. He claimed that TRS got support from other parties on the issue of reservations.

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