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Uttar Pradesh: Govt to introduce mobile app for Madrasa students

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced that it will develop a new mobile application for the Madrasa Board for teaching and other activities related to the madrasas in the state.

A government spokesperson said over 2.5 lakh students of the UP Madrasa Board will now study through the mobile application from the new session.

The official said a proposal to develop the mobile app has been sent to the Board.

“After the declaration of the board exam results, work on the mobile app preparation will be carried out,” he said.

He added that the Board will make all possible efforts and arrangements so that students can do their studies on the mobile app from the new session.

“The Board was planning to start online education of children from this session itself by developing a mobile app. However, that was not possible due to the Covid situation. But now the students will be able to study on the mobile app from the upcoming new session,” said the official.

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