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Uttar Pradesh: Muslim Man Travels Over 400km To Perform Last Rites Of Hindu Friend

A Muslim Man, Shiraz Chaudhary, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, travelled a distance of more than 400 km to perform the cremation ceremony of his Hindu friend, Hem Singh. With this, he has set an example of religious unity and taught us that humanity lies above all religious differences.

Shiraz Chaudhary travelled from Etawah to Allahabad for performing the cremation ceremony of his friend Hem Singh who lost his life due to COVID-19.

Hem Singh’s wife and his kid had already passed away. When Shiraz tried to contact his other family members and relatives, they all turned their backs, citing their personal problems. Under such circumstances, Shiraz travelled to Allahabad just to perform the last rights of his friend.

Hem Singh’s relatives told Shiraz, “You are his friend, and you are there to perform the cremation ceremony… there is no need for our presence,” reported India Today.

In the month of Ramzan, Shiraz did not only cover such a distance but also made all the required arrangements for the final journey of his beloved friend Hem Singh.

From contacting the ambulance to making arrangements of wood for the pyre, Shiraz left no stone unturned to perform the cremation ceremony of his late friend.

Shiraz Chaudhary acknowledged the risks associated with the pandemic but said that there are precautionary measures as well. “Stay with our family and take all the necessary precautions,” said Shiraz.

Their friendship is the prime example of a bond that lasts the difference of religions.

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