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Verses from Surah al-Mu’minun ( 99 – 111)

119. Ibn Jarir pieces together (at verse 105) several reports coming from Muhammad ibn Ka`b and others to give us an account of various conversations that will take place between the people of the Fire and others. (A shortened version was reported by Qurtubi earlier. See Ibrahim, verse 44, who repeats it here. Ibn Kathir and Razi also present in a shorter form):

They (the reporters) were told that the people of the Fire will plead the guardians of Hell for help saying (40: 49), “Pray to your Lord that He may reduce from us a day of the torture.”

They will reply in words Allah used (i.e., [40: 50], “Pray yourself. And the prayers of the unbelievers will be not but lost in vain).”

Having lost hope with them they will next address the Keeper of Hell (43: 77), “Let your Lord deal us death.”

He will not reply to them for 80,000 years of the Hereafter and then turn to them to say (43: 77),  “You will stay (therein).”

When they get the answer they will say to each other, “Let us bear in patience, as the inhabitants of Paradise remained steadfast in Allah’s obedience.” So they will remain bearing the torments patiently until their patience will be up. They will cry out in exasperation (14: 21), “It is all the same for us whether we refuse to endure or observe patience. There is no place of escape for us.”

At that point, Iblis will intervene as in the verse (14: 22), “And Satan will say when the matter is concluded, ‘Allah promised you a true promise, and I too promised. But I failed in my promise.”

At that they will begin to hate themselves.

They will be told (40: 10), “Surely, Allah’s hatred of you was greater than your hatred of yourselves, when you were invited to faith but you refused.

They will say (40: 11), “Our Lord! You gave us death twice and brought us to life twice. Now, we admit our sins. So, is there a way out?”

They will be told (40: 12), “That, because when you were invited to Allah alone, you disbelieved. But if He was associated with, you believed. So the judgement is for the Most High, the Great.

They will feel downcast, but will call again saying (32: 12), “O our Lord! We have seen and heard. So send us back so that we can do righteous deeds, we are now believers.”

He will answer (32: 14), “Taste then because you forgot this day’s meeting. We have also forgotten you. Taste the everlasting punishment for what you were doing.”

Then they will ask (14: 44), “O our Lord! Defer us to a near term. We shall respond to Your call and follow the Messengers.”

They will be told (14: 44), “Were you not the ones who swore aforetime that you will not have to move (to the next world)?”

At that they will be further disappointed but will again ask (35: 37), “O our Lord! Remove us (from here) so that we can do righteous deeds.

Allah (swt) will answer them (35: 37), “Did we not lengthen your life, that he might remember who wished to remember; and a warner came to you? So, taste (the punishment), there is no helper for the wrongdoers.”

Thereafter He will leave them un-addressed for a while, and then say (23: 105), “Were not My revelations recited upon you, but you would cry them lies?”

When they hear that, they will see a ray of hope and will say, “May be He will show us mercy.” So, they will say (23: 106), “O our Lord! Our wretchedness got the better of us. We were a misguided people.”

Allah will reply (23: 108), Remain despised therein, and don’t speak to Me (any further).”

Thereafter, they will never address Him again, but only howl and bark at each other and the lid will be laid over them and sealed.

Zamakhshari has a shorter report but attributes it to Ibn `Abbas. Alusi too has a shorter version whose original sources include Bayhaqi and Hakim, who accredited the report, although Alusi is not so convinced of the accreditation. In any case, this is not a hadith (Au.).

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