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Violent clash erupts in Gujarat over controversial social media post on Bollywood movie ‘The Kerala Story’

by Muslim Mirror Staff

In Balisana town, Patan district, Gujarat, a communal clash erupted on the night of July 16, triggered by a contentious social media post related to the Bollywood movie ‘The Kerala Story.’ According to police reports on Tuesday, the incident resulted in eight people sustaining injuries, and ten individuals have been arrested in connection with the violence.

While the specific content of the social media post remains undisclosed by authorities, sources indicate that it pertained to the aforementioned Bollywood movie. The arrested individuals represent both sides involved in the clash, and they are facing charges that include rioting, assault, and attempted murder, based on the registered cases.

Inspector J S Chaudhary of Balisana police station confirmed the arrest of ten individuals, with eight suspects apprehended on Monday and two, including one Krish Patel, arrested on Tuesday.

In response to the situation, the police conducted a “reconstruction of the crime” exercise at the Masjid Chowk area, where the violent confrontation occurred, with the video of the activity circulating on social media platforms.

Deputy Superintendent of Police KK Pandya reassured the public that the situation in the town is now under control.

He stated that the clash was sparked by a social media post made by a local resident, leading to heightened tensions and subsequent violence on Sunday night. The police have taken complaints from both sides and are actively investigating the incident to prevent any further escalation of communal tensions in the region.

According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed by Arif Shaikh, he and his uncle Ilyas Shaikh were attacked by Krish Patel and Nimesh Patel, despite having previously reached a compromise with another individual involved in the contentious social media post.

On the other hand, one Meetkumar Patel filed a cross-complaint, accusing a mob of around 35 people, including the Shaikh duo, of attempting to murder him and five of his friends at Masjid Chowk. According to Patel’s FIR, the attack was in retaliation for the social media post uploaded by a youngster from the village.

The police are closely monitoring the situation and continuing their investigation to identify all those involved and ensure stability in the region.

(with PTI inputs)

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