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Warda Khan with AIR 18 had quit corporate world to become civil servant

New Delhi

Warda Khan of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, quit her corporate job to prepare for the civil services examination and her effort led to her securing the 18th rank in the prestigious UPSC exam 2023, the results of which were declared by UP on Tuesday. 

The 24-year-old Warda says she has opted for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) as she aspires to work to make India proud in the global arena.

“I prepared at home but also took online coaching for one year,” she said. “Like all candidates who wish to find their names in the final list of the UPSC, I also visualised it. However, to find my name in the top 20 (successful candidates) was unimaginable, I never imagined being in the top 20. It seemed like a dream.’

Warda Khan’s mother and extended family are happy at the turn in her life.

Warda Khan, the only child of her parents, holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Hons) from Khalsa College, Delhi University. She lives with her mother in sector 82, Noida; her father passed away nine years ago.

Celebration time at the Noida House of Warda Khan (Who is being fed sweets)

Warda Khan said that she prepared for UPSC by using social media positively. 

What made her go for the Ucivil services?

Wardah Khan said that during her college days, she was always interested in subjects like geopolitics, history, and politics. She used to participate in debates and MUN (Mock United Nations) during her college days, but even then the idea of ​​taking civil services as a career did not occur to her. It was during her job that she realized that she wanted to become a civil servant. 

According to Warda Khan, it is important to study regularly. She says social media is a platform that must be used for preparation on different topics. “Social media has both negative and positive aspects and everyone takes his or her pick.” 

“I prepared my timetable of 8 to 9 hours of studies. I started my day with newspapers in the morning, scanning them for information on current affairs. After this, I would study the rest of the subjects.”

“I worked for a corporate firm for eight months. This did not satisfy me. I wanted to give back to society work for my country and change people’s lives. I felt the kind of curriculum and opportunities that this career (civil services) offered suited my interests,” she added. 

After eight months Wadra left her job to focus on her preparations for the UPSC examination..

Giving tips to the aspirants of the civil services, Warda says, “First and foremost, you need to be very thorough with the basics from the NCERT books and Polity by Lakshmikanth. These are the core books with which you should be well-versed. Also, you should prepare appropriate syllabus heads for your mains and your options should also be prepared with prior notice from communities.”

This year 1,016 candidates – 664 men and 352 women — have qualified for the Civil Services Examination organised by the Union Public Service Commission.

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Aditya Srivastava, a trainee officer of the Indian Police Service, has topped the Civil Services Examination 2023, the results of which were announced by the Union Public Service Commission on Tuesday. They have secured the second, third, fourth, and fifth ranks respectively.


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