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Watch: This powerful short film thanking PM Modi for banning Triple Talaq

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Social Coffee published a video expressing its gratitude towards Prime Minister Modi for outlawing the inhumane practice of Triple Talaq, the traditional Islamic practice permitted Muslim men to divorce their wives by repeating the word ‘Talaq’ thrice. The video was conceptualized, written and co-produced by Varun Pandya.

The video shows a Muslim couple playing a game of crosses and knots but the crosses and knots are replaced with the man using the word ‘Talaq’ and the woman writing the names of her children. Every time the man uses the word ‘Talaq’, the woman writes ‘Imra, our son’, ‘Sana, our daughter’, and ‘Ayesha, our daughter’, symbolizing the fact that the word ‘Talaq’ uttered by a man is equal to his children in the Islamic practice of Triple Talaq.

In the end, as the husband is poised to win the game by marking triple talaq on the paper, Prime Minister Modi (whose face is not shown) steps in to paint the symbol of the BJP in the blank spot, thus, preventing the man from being able to complete triple talaq. The woman, in the end, professes great gratitude towards Narendra Modi for protecting her rights as a woman.

The wife says, “Thank you Prime Minister Modi. By abolishing Triple Talaq, you have rescued lakhs of Muslim women like me from a hellish life and given us an opportunity to lead a life of dignity. Our prayers are always with you.” The law against Triple Talaq was passed by the Rajya Sabha in July last year.

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