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We don’t deny shelter to the needy: Mamata on Bengal

Kolkata : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said her government is equally considerate towards all minorities and the state never denies shelter to anyone.

On the issue of migration, she said: “Today is International Migrants Day. It is our humanitarian obligation to give refuge to migrants.

“In Bangla we will take care of anyone who seeks shelter in our state, to the best of our abilities.”

She added that her government does not differentiate between people in their hour of need.

“Today is Minority Rights Day. We are all equal and united. Unity in diversity is our strength,” Banerjee tweeted.

Highlighting her Trinamool Congress’ contribution towards the minorities, she said: “You will be happy to know that in Bangla, we have distributed scholarships to over 1.7 crore minority students, the highest in the country.”


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