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Welcome to New India : A citizen’s perspective

An elderly farmer clashes with police personnel during a protest at Delhi-UP border during ‘Kisan Kranti Padyatra’ in New Delhi, Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018.(PTI)

By Arshad Mohsin, Muslim Mirror 

Once upon a time in India there was a mass murderer and his band of thugs. The thugs, some of them were accused even convicted , may others had confessed on camera admitting responsibilities for treason, genocide, bomb blasts, savagery, scams, snooping, smuggling, racketing and bribery (later to be freed and garlanded as national leaders). Then there were politically ambitious mass mobilizers turned religious crusaders, zealots, radicals and temple runners. In the same period there was a small coterie of greedy merchants who also fatefully owned the propaganda machinery as they had the print and electronic media empire of the country on their proprietary. Incidentally, all of these scumbags had a common dream. That was to get their hand on the national treasury of India by hook or crook.


It should be kept in mind that my motherland India has always been a soft target for highly ambitious thugs since the dark ages of British colonialism. All that’s needed is a foolproof strategy and a divisive narrative to inflame the unfortunate religious, caste, & communal fault lines and you can take over Bharatvarsh. In common language you can simply divide Indians to rule over India.

Hence, the camaraderie of the political polarizers, the mass murdering thugs, the greedy merchants and their lap-dog media worked tirelessly in unisons to unseat the dynasts and take over the throne of India.

Finally the fateful day broke when the desacralization of the parliament took place and the so called new India took a convulsive birth with the thugs of Hindostan taking over every position of power in the country.

Welcome to new India , where you can see the terms dharma, humanitarian and democracy blatantly abused to justify pogroms, loot, death and destruction. Traditionally honorable words such as women rights  and Beti-Bachao (save the girl child)  have come to acquire a darker and more cynical meaning  following their misappropriation to justify physical, political, legal and military dominance over women specially the poor ones. Crime against women especially rape has risen manifolds. As agreed before, the mainstream media at the behest of their greedy masters along with the police assisted these ventures by helping disseminate mistruths and by tapping into the emotions of fear, anger and revulsion to soften public opinion and make aggression against women appear justified. The old India which had dethroned the dynasts on a single case of rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi fell deafeningly silent over the brutal rape and murder of dozens of young girls ( Nirbhayas) in Muzaffarpur in Bihar , in the new India.

In the old India the then telecom minister was not only accused but even jailed for (not) assigning 2G spectrum to a/an (il) legal contractor while in new India a crony capitalist (remember the rich merchant among the thugs) acquires a free hand at 4G spectrum and a right to confiscate the biometric data of the entire Indian citizenry without anyone even daring to resist. But before the innocent Indians could even understand that their right to privacy has been surreptitiously robbed by the Shylock of India, a decades old lollipop of Ayodhya has been served to cause people to think with their hearts rather than with their heads, this time using the overpowering spiritual Dacoits ( the Babas, the Swamis, the Mullas etc. ) who are also the member of the coalition of the willing thugs.

In new India the mental subversion of the poor citizens is at its peak. Just Imagine, one fine day, overriding the official protocols, the thug mastermind who heads this nefarious coalition visits to enjoy the hospitality and delicacy of a neighboring country and comes back home to beat the drums of war ( a fake one though) only to enable his accomplice (another crony capitalist) to rob Indian treasury of thousands of crores of taxpayers’ money in the name of defense purchase. Callous and indifferent to the plight of poor Indians, many of them reeling under flood, famine and dire poverty, the lap-dog mainstream media once again scrambled to justify the biggest scam of the millennium with attention-grabbing fake headlines, invoking national security , crafted to silence the questioning public.

On the other hand, the rise in petrol and diesel prices which had caused the dynast to lose their government, is not even a matter of public uproar as any one objecting let alone dissenting to the sky rocketing price will be detained, jailed and tortured in the name of law and order. Those who fail to prostrate to the tyranny of the thug-masters are called urban-Naxals in the new India.

There is a rising tide of autocracy in the name of nationalism, the rights of the citizens is fast being curtailed and the brutality of weapon wielding police force is so commonplace that they shoot anyone they like pointblank in broad day light without any fear of consequence. And this savagery is not taking place in restive Kashmir but in states where saffron clad sadhus ( thugs in reality) are ruling states bigger than their imaginations. This is the new India of Vivek Tiwari the young engineer whose brutal murder at the hands of killers in the uniform has shocked the helpless nation.

The new India is ruled by a dictator who loves donning new and expensive clothes every day, enjoys luxurious cars, flies super expensive aircrafts, dates world leaders beginning with a bear hug, beats superstars in acts on camera, expresses no remorse at the death and destructions of citizens, cites scriptures for his purpose, assures the country of his eternal rule and speaks untruth at supersonic speed.

This is my India, welcome to the new India.

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