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Why is Nuh leader Madan Tanwar fasting during Ramzan?

Madan Tanwar, a former Councilor of Nuh, Haryana was shaken by the June 31 violence that was triggered by an attack on a religious procession in the city and was followed by many incidents of communal clashes in the region. A Hindu by faith Tanwar decided to do penance his way – he is observing fasting during the ongoing holy month of Ramzan, which is, otherwise, a mandatory regimen for Muslims.

Tanwar says he has been fasting from day one of the holy month and aims to express his solidarity with Muslims.

Madan Tanwar’s gesture is earning him praise from all the communities. For the last two years, Tanwar has been observing the Ramzan fasting on Fridays.

Despite being a follower of Sanatan Dharma, Madan Tanwar says he is fasting to gain experience and also as a spiritual practice. He says Ramzan fasting is akin to fasting on special occasions as per his religion.

Madan Tanwar with a local Muslim

Madan Tanwar told Awaz-the Voice that the idea of keeping fast came to him due to the deliberate attempts by political parties and media to give Mewat a bad name. In 2022, for the first time, he observed weekly fasting during Ramzan as a symbol of the Hindu-Muslim Brotherhood.

For two years he would keep fast on Friday but in 2023, the violence that happened in the district on June 31 shook him up. He decided to fast for the entire month.

Madan Tanwar’s family and extended family support him in his endeavour. However, some of them don’t agree with his way of life and call him  “Muhammad Madan Tanwar.”

He says he likes it because they are linking his name with one of the greatest personalities to be ever born on the earth.

Madan Tanwar breaking bread with local Muslims at iftar

Madan Tanwar belongs to the Hindu Dalit community in Nuh (Mewat), a Muslim-dominated district of Haryana. His wife Sarita Devi has also been elected once as the Municipal Councilor to the Nuh Municipality. He has been associated with the Congress Party for many years.

In his message to the larger world, Madan Tanwar said that we should respect and not hate each other’s religion. “Every religion shows the path of goodness and teaches goodness, therefore we all should live with love and talk about love.”

Madan Tanwar said that two years ago, an Islamic religious gathering was held in Nuh district. He opened a tea kiosk at the venue and named it “Mohabbat Ki dukaan” where he served tea to all for three days.

Madan Tanwar says that the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood of Mewat is exemplary. “People of different religions live here with great love and affection. Both the Hindus and Muslims actively participate in each other’s weddings and festivals.

Madan Tanwar with locals

He said that the people who have dabbled into creating rivalry between the Hindus and Muslims are also facing problems as outsiders don’t want to find matrimonial matches for their sons and daughters from the region.

“I am telling you, Mewat’s Hindu-Muslim unity is exemplary.

Madan Tanwar says that he is feeling good after fasting and he is getting health benefits. He is feeling light by keeping fast. He has said that fasting is not for any one Muslim religion but it should be observed by people of all religions because it is very beneficial for health.

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He breaks the bread with local Muslims, who are keeping fast during the month at the time of Iftar. He prayed to the Almighty to give wisdom to the hate-mongers who are trying to sow the seeds of hatred.

Madan Tanwar says that he observes Sehri timings for starting his fasting for the day. Often Muslims invite him for Sehri and Iftar feast.


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