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Will the upcoming Ramadan be under quarantine?

NEW DELHI: Ramadan, the holy month of fasting is awaited impatiently by Muslims year on year.

The ninth month of Hijri calendar, Ramadan (estimated to begin on April 23 this year) have always forever brought a mystical feel to the Muslims across the globe.

Since, the world have been forced to go into complete lockdown, people are concern that the coronavirus pandemic is going to change the way the Islam’s holiest month is embraced.

Mosques in almost all Muslim and non-Muslim countries are closed and advised people to perform their prayers at home.

In Saudi Arabia, Masjid al-Haram and Masjid an-Nabawi have been put under lockdown and are emptier than ever.

Muslims hope that, this pandemic will end before the beginning of Ramadan so that they will practice the heightened spiritual awareness that is centered on group gatherings bringing communities and congregations together around the globe.

The traditions that is not held in other months of the year is only seen in Ramadan where families gathers for the Suhoor and iftar meal and shared food, where devotees congregates for the evening prayer called ‘Taraweeh‘.

It is unknown how long countries will impose the lockdown. With social distancing in mind, say goodbye to the late-night get-togethers and social events with family and friends.

Also, say goodbye to Eid celebration which centres on feelings of togetherness and joy of fulfilment of the third pillar of Islam.

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