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Youths need aspiring for a purposeful life

Youth are reflection of any society or community and are the main force behind its progress and prosperity. This group being most energetic art of society is also vulnerable to the inflections and may be waylaid by the vested interest towards indulgence in violence and creating chasm in the society as well as lawlessness. This has become evident in the sense of Muslim youths whose a section was misutilised for creating confrontations and reckless targeting of human life as well as property in the name of a false Jihad. If the young force is dedicated towards the constructive work and to earn the name on behalf of their parents and the nation, they would require to vow for a purposeful life ensuring all above virtues along with the blessings of Allah as well.

Ever since, human beings started thinking rationally, they endeavor to explore the enigma at the absolute level, about the God and the nature of the Universe. This on worldly level felicitate them to fix their goals in materialistic sense and in spiritual sense, the life in the past and hereinafter vis-à-vis the Creator. Knowing the purpose helps define the goals, making the life more enjoyable and effortless, besides it is we who choose our goal after introspection. One needs to expand the mind through reading inspiring stories of renowned/great persons, scriptures and exhortations from masters/messiahs. Another’s pain can lead one to awareness and compassion which ultimately entitles him of the blessings of Almighty. Understand the inner personality. Strengthen the intellect, have a larger purpose, linking it with universal peace and brotherhood, consistently. Thus, no need to fight the imaginary enemies and to remain in fear psychosis. You may achieve effortless success and happiness in the world, besides the enlightenment, don’t waste the precious time because living life on purpose will translate to better human being for you, your family, your community, your nation and ultimately the world.

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