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Zakat: A social onus, more prolific during Ramadan

Zakat (Alms giving), the third most important pillar of Islam after Kalma (faith) and Namaz (worship) is a religious obligation for all Muslims, meeting particular criteria of wealth. In Zakat, an act of piety, Muslims have to voluntarily contribute (2.5% or 1/40) of their wealth towards needy for providing funds for the well being of under-privileged as well as for preserving social harmony between have-nots and haves, (Zakat Takers to Zakat Givers).

Its correct and organized collection and distribution may act as a tool to transform the lives of the disadvantaged from the community. This is a community project which is more social than religious which is blessed by the Almighty here as well as hereinafter. It also provides equal opportunities to all through a human chain of needy and able ones. Zakat would be used as a tool towards universal human approach, if undertaken beyond religious boundaries too.

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