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Islam means Peace

Sometimes one comes across annoying thinqs that h mental but world peace as well. The essence and message is indeed peace and imagination of a world without evil and deception, chaos and turmoil. Nevertheless, the misappropriation of basicCePtl0n’ chaos associating these to terrorism constructs a different image of concepts of …

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Demolition of Babri Masjid, a bitter memory which must be forgotten; time to move on

Twenty-eight years ago, on 6th December 1992 thousands of bitter memories were notoriously knitted in Indian history, when a large mob of radicals moved towards the city of Ayodhya and demolished the 400 years old historical mosque known as ‘Babri Masjid’, claiming it to be the sacred birthplace of Lord …

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Prophet’s Response to Blasphemy

And when you see those who trifle with our signs then turn thou away from them until then engage in a discourse other than that and if Satan cause thee to forget then sit not, after recollection, with the unjust people. (Ch.6: V.69) No punishment is prescribed in the Holy …

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Popular Front of India and Paris Attacks- Time to Introspect

Verily, the messenger of Allah gave me what he gave me, and he was the most hated of people to me. He did not cease in giving them to me until he became the most beloved of all people to me…. Muslim 2313.  The Sahih Hadees acts as the guiding …

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Pakistan’s Islamic Identity and Realpolitik

Since, last two decades the relationship between Islam and political power has come up as a new field of political attention and analysis. Especially, after the 9/11 attack, ‘Arab spring’ and the rise of ISIS, questions related to Islam’s role in politics have been frequented in media and academia. The …

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NCHRO and Popular Front of India are both sides of the same coin

National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations/NCHRO, like Popular Front of India/PFI claims to be working towards promoting and protecting human rights and upholding the cause of human dignity.   On the contrary, it serves PFI in disseminating subversive propaganda against ruling Governments and security agencies. Transformation of National Development Front of …

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Muslims: Then and Now.

The first bond between Islam and India occurred with the establishment of a Mosque in Kerala during the Prophet’s era (631 CE). Prophet Muhammad was aware of India as he said that ‘a pleasant breeze is blowing from India’. Presently, there are about 172 Million Muslims residents in India constituting …

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Islam and Blasphemy

And do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites but do not harm them, and rely upon Allah. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs. (33:48) Kalimah (Kalma) in Islam are a significant aspect of one’s religious belief. The first of them, known as the ”Kalimah Tayyibah or “word …

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Is There a Problem With Islam?

Islam meaning

George Bernard Shaw once said- “ Islam is the best religion but Muslims are the worst followers”. Many practicing Muslims may find it offensive and may even try to produce counter arguments. However, taking the last couple of decades into consideration, the famous quote by Shaw must again be examined …

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