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These skin conditions can be symptoms of coronavirus

New Delhi: Some skin conditions can be considered as the symptoms of coronavirus. These include

  1. Hives
  2. Bumps
  3. Blotches
  4. Toes discolouration
  • rashes

It is reported that rashes can appear on persons even after they recover from COVID-19, a disease that is caused by coronavirus.

Here is what doctors say

A plastic surgeon at Northwell Health, James Bradley said that he has seen COVID-19 patients with skin conditions. They usually have hive-like rashes on the trunk.

He said that many skin conditions indicate what is going on inside the organs of the body.

A dermatologist, Harold Lancer said that hive-like rashes are the most common symptom among the COVID-19 patients.

Doctors believe that Covid toes is the result of infection due to coronavirus.

Skin conditions are just symptoms

These skin conditions can be related to other diseases such as chickenpox, measles, and hand, foot and mouth disease. At the same time, not everyone who contract coronavirus get these skin conditions.

It may be noted that the appearance of skin conditions such as rashes does not mean that a person has contracted the virus nor non-appearance of these conditions indicate that person is free from the virus. Any rashes or other skin conditions need further evaluation by a professional doctor.

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