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Suspension of Muslim Brotherhood led government in Tunisia; a correction of historical mistake!

Tunisia has recently witnessed significant political development as the President Kais Saied suspended the current government led by Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi. Tunisian people supported his decision and manifested it by celebrating at Central Habib Bouraguiba Avenue, the epicenter of the 2011 Arab revolution. The President said “Many people were deceived by hypocrisy, treachery & robbery of the rights of the people”.

The suspended government led by the supporters of Muslim Brotherhood has become cause of years of paralysis, corruption, declining state services & growing unemployment. It has been hammered by Corona pandemic lockdown which played a catalyst role against the government of Muslim Brotherhood.

It was 2011 Arab revolution ignited from Tunis’ Central Habib Bouraguiba Avenue that had engulfed many Middle Eastern countries which led to bloody conflicts, Civil war etc. it was Muslim Brotherhood’s political Islam adventures which malign the very sanctity of the religion of Islam. Political Islam played the key role in loss of millions’ lives and ruined several Middle Eastern countries like Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen etc. The world has witnessed the one of the worst humanitarian crisis in Middle East. Millions including children, women and old were killed at the same time and more than 10 million displaced and compelled to live in refugees, camps even without basic necessity of food, water, education, medical services etc.

It took more than a decade and loss of numerous lives to make common people realize that how Muslim Brotherhood has betrayed them through religious-political slogans. They exploited the religiosity of masses to usurp the power no matter how much it cost. It is commonly said better late than never, Tunisia has shown the way to get rid of such power hungry political adventurist. It can be expected that other society, countries will follow Tunisia example to reject extremist and radical ideas of political Islam before becoming victim of it.

Arab revolution ripples were felt in Indian subcontinent too as it has large Muslim population. Muslim Brotherhood’s manifestation in India such as Jamat-e-Islami, Popular Front of India and Student Islamic Organization/SIO are responsible for spreading radicalisation and extremist ideas of Political Islam among the Indian Muslims. Jamat-e-Islami, Popular Front of India/PFI have always exploited social, economical and political woes to spread the idea of political Islam. It is wisely said that evil is recognized when it comes close. Therefore, Muslims of India have to take lessons from the people of Tunisia and Middle East countries and reject political Islam before becoming its victim.

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