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Wakefit Internship: 23 persons selected

Bengaluru: The list of 23 persons who got selected for the Wakefit internship is released. The internship gives an opportunity to earn 1 lakh for nine hours of sleep daily for 100 days.

List of selected persons

  1. Ankur Priyadarshi: Gurgaon
  2. Amit Chaturvedi: Bhopal
  3. Anud Singh Dhaka: Mumbai
  4. Debaki Nandan: Bengaluru
  5. Gaurav Lakhani: Bengaluru
  6. Merwyn D`Souza: Hyderabad
  7. Morgan Berman: Stamford
  8. Mridu Bhattacharya: Greater Noida
  9. Nikita Goel: Delhi
  10. Nishchal Dwivedi: Navi Mumbai
  11. Pramod Kumar: Bengaluru
  12. Rahul Sridhar: Chennai
  13. Samata Ukil: Bengaluru
  14. Santosh B: Bengaluru
  15. Shrenik Choudhary: Mumbai
  16. Siddharth Bhadauriya: Agra
  17. Sneh Ratna Choudhary: Bengaluru
  18. Sneha Shenoy: Bengaluru
  19. Sofia Vargova: Halia
  20. Sujith Pratap: Bengaluru
  21. Swathy S: Chennai
  22. Tapajyoti Kumar: Gurgaon
  23. Vijay Thanki: Pune

It may be mentioned that
had announced an internship programme called the ‘Wakefit Sleep Internship’,
where selected candidates are required to sleep nine hours every night for 100

The selected candidates will sleep on the company’s mattress, get a sophisticated fitness and sleep tracker and counselling sessions from experts.

Video testimonial

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to send in video testimonials validating their love for sleep.

Winners will be given a sleep
tracker that will record sleep patterns before and after using the internship

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