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Allah desires harmony and compassion

The nature always maintains a balance among all living beings, as the Almighty does it by instilling feeling of harmony and compassion among all his creations, more importantly human being, the most advanced/vibe species. As social beings, the human race seeks harmonious relationship with all those around him, including every aspect of flora and fauna. However, in sustaining this harmony, the challenge lies in his ability to handle supermacist ego, anger and hatred manifesting in violence which requires to be resolved through meditation/volition while establishing a connect with the Almighty. It is to be mentioned that all these work revealed to Prophet during his conscientious divine aura with the Almighty but most problems arise when people become credulous as well as disagree to others’ reasoning which leads to hatred and violence. To defeat these, it requires an inner light and sound from within as well as positive interaction with the outer world. By embracing ‘oneness of God’/Tauheed and by establishing a connect with all of creation, the human being undergoes a profound transformation of imbibing love and compassion that manifest in mutualism/commonality. As one goes into volition, he or she experiences states of calm, peace and joy. This feeling of tranquility remains with him for a prolonged period on an even keel. The feeling of this connect with Almighty could bring out a remarkable difference in one’s own personality. Like inner volition/ meditation, Sufis practice ‘whirling dance’ to establish a connect with Allah which in course instill pure ecstasy/bliss in the practitioner. In fact, once such violation is practiced, the world will be a peaceful ‘El-dorado’ where everybody would live in harmony and eternal happiness.

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